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It’s almost that time — the 2011 Golden Globes are around the corner, coming up Sunday on NBC. And man, has NBC been pimping the ceremony. Heavy ad rotation with Ricky Gervais, cross-promotion with the news and entertainment divisions (Tonight, Today, Late Night in particular), even on the other “networks of Universal.” (It’s also been interesting to see how they are hyping the drunkenness and spontaneity factors, too. Maybe if the Oscars want better ratings, they should loosen up a bit more?)

Anyway, I’m still in mid-pursuit of the movies, having seen many of the nominees but not enough to feel competent yet to assert an informed opinion. So I’ll focus on the TV side, the more democratized component, assuming that every home has $100/month premium cable.

Category: Best Series, Drama
Winner: Boardwalk Empire.

Yes, yes, Mad Men is groundbreaking with great performances and good writing. And kudos to CBS’ The Good Wife for making the nominations list, given that it’s the only broadcast drama to do so. But Boardwalk Empire has been getting great buzz, including with the HFPA, and like Mad Men, features great performances and good writing. Plus, it’s the sparkly new kid.

Category: Actress, Drama
Winner: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

I’m a big Elisabeth Moss fan, and she’s a strong actress. Similarly, Kyra Sedgwick carries The Closer, and has for several seasons. But the nuance and evolution of Julianna Margulies’ character in The Good Wife means she deserves the nod, and I think the HFPA (fans of hers for many years since ER) will do it.

Category: Actor, Drama
Winner: Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire is Buscemi’s TV vehicle. And, even after strong stints on other great shows, I think it has finally settled the question of if he has the kind of comedic and dramatic range we all knew he did. Plus, he has a movie star luster, which HFPA digs.

Category: Best Series, Comedy/Musical
Winner: Glee

Man, this is a tough category. 30 Rock might squeak it out, but I think the HFPA will split their votes and go for Tina Fey personally and for Glee in terms of the show. The music plays well internationally, and it was an amazing first season.

Category: Actress, Comedy/Musical
Winner: Tina Fey

HFPA’s love affair with 30 Rock isn’t over. Fey had a strong season, and the show did as well. Toni Collette’s chameleon performance in United States of Tara is strong, as is Edie Falco’s in Nurse Jackie (and she still has Sopranos glow with the foreign press). Laura Linney, who has been steadily improving in The Big C (or, rather, the writing has; her performances have been great), may see some love next year.

Category: Actor, Comedy/Musical
Winner: Steve Carell

Although it refers to last season, not the current one, consider this the beginning of the Carell farewell awards tour. He’s done great work on The Office, and the increasingly nuanced and, dare I say it, mature, portrait of Michael Scott has allowed him to flex more acting muscles. I suppose there’s an outside shot of HFPA going for Thomas Jane because they want to demonstrate how hip they are with the subject matter of Hung, but I doubt it.

Category: Supporting Actress
Winner: Jane Lynch

It’s obligatory, and yet valid, to note what a weird category this is. Glee against Boardwalk Empire against Modern Family against The Special Relationship? If you were on TV, it seems like you’re eligible for this category. I’m surprised there’s not a local newscaster or two in there. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Julia Stiles, but this is all Lynch. At least that’s how I…”C” it.

Category:Supporting Actor
Winner: David Strathairn

In what I’m guessing will be a “didn’t we already do this?” moment, I think the acclaimed and talented actor will get the nod for Temple Grandin. Again, a bona fide movie star, which dazzles HFPA, plus it really was a strong performance. Of course the MOW came out in ..what, 2002? 2003? Or maybe it just seems like it was that long ago…

Well, there you have it — at least for most of the TV awards. Tune in Sunday and see how far wrong I am. Frankly, it’s been a strong period for series TV, so I’d be delighted if almost any of the nominees got the award. Of course, according to NBC, they’ll all be so drunk that they might not realize their name was called…

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